Zen Archer - The Number One Mobility Drill You Aren't Doing

Zen Archer – The Number One Mobility Drill You Aren’t Doing

The Zen Archer is an innovative mobility drill that delivers results like few mobility drills can. Find out what the Zen Archer exercise can do for you.

This is one of the most important things I learned from Ido Portal.



During the summer of 2014 I flew to Dublin, Ireland to attend a workshop with Ido Portal. If you are unfamiliar with his work he is a movement teacher and is exceptional at both how he teaches and how he thinks. I learned many things and am forever different as a coach for my experience. Yet there is one thing that really stands out to this day; Zen Archer.

When I first saw the movement game being demonstrated, I thought, “YES! YES! Look at all the ways the body is moving during this drill.” Instantly I knew I had found a precious gem of knowledge and application to take back home to my students.

What is Zen Archer?

Zen Archer is a game with two (or more) people in which one person is invading on offense and the other is evading on defense, the object being to avoid contact with your partner. There are many variations to this game I have filmed the basic concept of it for you to get started, but really the sky is the limit from there. Be creative! What is so special about this game is that it richly feeds the body much needed movement nutrition. Look at it this way, your body is starving to move; it is what we were made for and none of us move enough.

Now with a game like Zen Archer your body in reaction to your partner’s movements is going to move and bend and twist and change levels like you wouldn’t normally do, not even in your workout. This is a powerful tool to help restore full body mobility, especially through the spine.

Another great benefit of Zen Archer is it creates a relationship with a person, especially given that we are losing social skills by the minute in this high tech world. To establish a kinesthetic dialogue and develop non verbal communication is a great way to reconnect with a lost part of our humanity. When you get really good at Zen Archer it almost looks like a dance.

I have been around the fitness industry long enough to recognize brilliance and Zen Archer is without a doubt one of the best games/drills I have ever found and it will absolutely bring life back to your spine and joints and awaken your entire musculature, all while creating some amazing neurological pathways. Try it, don’t worry about feeling silly or looking weird, just try it and have fun with it; Zen Archer, the gift that keeps on giving.

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