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What is Your Fitness Level? Find Out with the Fitness Level Guide
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What Fitness Level are You?

What is Your Fitness Level?

You may think that you’re “in shape,” but the truth could be much farther from reality than you think. If you want to find out what your fitness level REALLY IS, use this guide.

After years of training individuals and working alongside hundreds of fitness professionals, I have found that every person fits into a different fitness level. As fit as you think you are, 99.9% of us are no where near an elite level of fitness.



Chances are, the majority of us would put ourselves in a category one or two grades above where we actually are.

This is a problem because if push comes to shove and you need to use your physicality to deliver results, you will not perform the way you think you will. This can lead to something worse than personal disappointment, it could lead to injury or worse.

When obstacle course racing started getting popular in the late 2000’s, thousands of people, both fit and sedentary alike, began signing up. They looked like a lot of fun with mud, beer, and smiling faces. Problem is, no matter how “fun” a physical task may be, they all require physicality!

Thinking that you can go from eating whatever you want, never exercising, and sitting around both at work and at home to an obstacle course is insane.

Avoid overestimating your abilities by using this simple guide to discover where you really are.

The Pull Up Guide

What Fitness Level are You?

The Pull Up is used by military and public safety personnel as a measure of physical aptitude all over the world. Why is that? It’s because the Pull Up is an ideal test of a variety of functional abilities, including strength, conditioning, grip, core strength, upper body muscular endurance, and more.

For that reason, we’ve chosen it to give you some solid guidance in terms of finding your true fitness level. Test yourself by doing full-range reps WITHOUT STOPPING. As soon as you let go of the bar, you’re done. Simple as that.

What’s Your Fitness Level?

What Fitness Level are You?


You don’t train. You can’t remember the last time you did. You have no plan to get into shape and you have stopped thinking about it (until each visit to the doctor where he or she tells you that you need to start exercising).

Pull Ups: 0 Non-Stop Reps


You don’t train with weights, but you stay active with walking, jogging, or hiking on occasion. You don’t have a workout plan, you don’t test yourself to gauge your results, and you have no solid objective… you’ve thought about it though.

Pull Ups: 1-5 Non-Stop Reps


You train with weights and have cardio sessions multiple times each week. You have an off-and-on workout plan, you test yourself in the form of a friendly endurance races (marathon, obstacle race, etc.) a couple times each year, and you have an “overall” objective to improve yourself over time.

Pull Ups: 6-12 Non-Stop Reps


You are actively training for an upcoming competition on any level (e.g. sport, marathons, etc.). You have a short and long-term workout plan, you test yourself at least every other month to gauge progress, and you have exact objectives in relation to your performance and ideal body composition for both health and competition.

Pull Ups: 16-20 Non-Stop Reps


You not only train for competitions and participate, you excel and win. You have all the aspects of the Competitive Level, but you also have professional coaches to plan, judge, and coach you to get to achieve the heights of your competition.

Pull Ups: 21+ Non-Stop Reps

Ready to Increase Your Reps?

Pull Up Power eBook

Are you interested in becoming a pull up powerhouse? Then get started with the Pull Up Power eBook and use this workout plan to start increasing your reps. Download the ebook for free.

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