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Kickass Motivational Videos

Top 8 Kickass Motivational Video Clips for Men

Getting fired up to wake up early, go to work, be a good dad, a loving husband, a strong lifter, a useful member of society, an expert BBQer, a handyman, and all of the other things that the “modern good man” is expected to be is tough. Use our top 8 kickass motivational movie clips to start the day strong.

I’ve always loved movies ever since I was a kid. I like the whole experience of watching a movie then thinking about what it means in relation to my existence. That’s probably why I can watch my favorite movies over and over again with no less enthusiasm (just ask my wife). Movies provide a brief escape from your day to day life, and while you may not ever have the same experiences as the characters, it’s fun to think about how you would react in similar situations.



With that in mind, here are my top 8 kickass motivational video clips for men. I’ve watched a lot of movies, but these scenes in particular speak to the raw, “manly-men” in all of us.

#8: A Few Good Men | You Can’t Handle the Truth

Jack Nicholson delivers this epic speech about what it takes to keep everyone safe. In a world that seems to be increasingly dangerous, it seems to fit in getting the “dad” in all of us to realize the dedication necessary to protect our own. While that dedication must be checked with other principles, this speech still has the ability to stir that desire to commit and stand for necessary values.

#7: Boiler Room | Ben Affleck

If money is your main driver in life, you’re not alone! As much as we all try to push idealistic principles, chances are that “more money” could solve quite a few problems for you. After “money” isn’t an issue any more, you could grow your self-esteem all you want. This clip highlights an issue that many entrepreneurs face… craploads of work, little gain for a long time, and the scrutiny of your friends and family while you do it. Just like most things in life, it’s the workers that end up winning, and while the overall message of the movie isn’t stellar, this clip is!

#6: Blade Runner | Tears in the Rain

Anyone who really knows me knows what kind of scifi fan I am. No, I’m not a geek-wannabe excited about the next Star Wars or Star Trek movie, I’m a fan of a genre called “Hard Science Fiction” (yes, it’s a real thing) reading the works of Stephen Baxter, Iaim M. Banks, Robert J. Sawyer, and the like. Blade Runner is an epic representation of the lofty philosophical concepts I like to see mixed with the projected technological advancements we can expect in the future. This short monologue highlights both, while giving the viewer some insight into what can be experienced in the shortest of lifespans, something we should all aim to achieve.

#5: Pulp Fiction | Ezequiel 25:17

As strange as it may seem to put a psychotic killer’s monologue on a “motivational” list of videos, it’s my list so I’ll do what I want. Also, I think the scene highlights real consequences to bad decision making; something that many people forget in their day to day actions. Everything is so cush and “safe” that we forget how dangerous the world (and crazy people) can be. In terms of “what will I say right before I die,” the guy getting shot is a good example of how you probably don’t want to leave this life.

#4: Glengarry Glen Ross | Alec Baldwin Speech

I’m always surprised when people haven’t seen this speech. When I was a teenager trying to sell real estate (try being a 19 year old trying to sell a $500k property to someone twice your age), I needed all the motivation I could muster. While all the soft, motivational “you can do it” books helped, someone like Alec Baldwin telling you that you need brass balls also gave you the courage you needed to get out there and make some money.

#3: Braveheart | Freedom Speech

Say what you will about Crazy McCrazyFace Mel Gibson, that guy knows how to act. Combined with a score by the late composer James Horner, this clip makes you want to stand up for something (I’m a proud American, so for me it’s the gold ol’ US of A, but to each their own). The speech is all about dispelling myths and standing for what’s right, and that’s awesome.

#2: Fight Club | You’re Not Your Fucking Khakis

I wrote a paper about Fight Club in college. While I can’t explain how I got an “A” on it, I can tell you that writing it required me to watch the film a million times (which I was doing anyways). Contrary to our #4 clip, this monologue by Brad Pitt perfectly styled by cinemotographer Jeff Cronenweth and director David Fincher, inspires you to live outside of material gain. Whether that encourages you to punch more stuff, look for deeper meaning in your actions, or quit your job is your business.

#1: Kick Ass | Gang Fight Scene

I rarely see this scene mentioned anywhere which is why I put it so high up on the list. I think it highlights our current day and age and the lack of action people execute in any real capacity. As stupid and unrealistic as the character’s dedication seems, it’s that level of commitment that is sometimes necessary to implement change. Skip to 2:00 to see the short monologue.

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