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Essential Tools For Building A Garage Gym - Awake & Alive
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Essential Tools For Building A Garage Gym

Essential Tools For Building A Garage Gym

Working out at home and building a quality garage gym does not have to be expensive. In fact, if you use an unconventional fitness system like ours, these essential tools are all you need to build a strong functional body.

In our opinion, unconventional training is the most efficient system of fitness for building a strong, lean functional body that can be done anywhere; especially in a garage gym using only a few essential tools.

In addition to being incredibly cost effective, an unconventional garage gym can take up very little space and the tools can easily be transported so that you can get a great workout and train anywhere you desire.



Unconventional gym equipment is great for working out in the backyard, the beach, at the park or where ever you enjoy training.

If you’re looking to start unconventional training or create an unconventional garage gym, make sure you have these essential tools:

Essential Tools For Building A Garage Gym 2

Garage Gym Tool #1: Sandbags

Sandbags are the most efficient and cost effective training tool you can buy for your garage gym. Sandbags take up very little space and are a great tool for training your entire body.

Sandbags are great for performing compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats and presses without the need for an expensive barbell set or squat rack.

Also, due to the shifting of the sand and unstable nature of the bag, your balance and core are constantly engaged, which is much more limited with a barbell.

Because of the awkwardness, sandbags more closely mimic the type of weight you would encounter in your everyday life.

That is; carrying dufflebags, groceries, bags of cement, kids, etc.  This is great for building strength that has a direct carry over into your real life.

Garage Gym Tool #2: Kettlebells

Kettlebells are the fastest growing home training implement and for good reason. Kettlebells are heavy, versatile, and take up very little space which makes them perfect for a garage gym.

Kettlebells  allow you to do all of the Olympic and power lifts, with the added advantage of being safer to use and more dynamic in that you can do lifts like the snatch as a two handed movements or with one bell as a single handed movement.

Like the sandbag, kettlebells also have an element of instability which is great for building functional total body strength, while also developing power, stability and agility.

Kettlebells also have wider handles than dumbbells, which make them great for building hand crushing grip strength.

Garage Gym Tool #3: Steel Mace

This is the most ancient and raw training tool you can have in your garage gym. The steel mace is similar to training with a sledge hammer and is incredible for building strength, endurance, flexibility, and explosive power.

The Steel Mace is great for swinging movements which require strength and stability through the full range of motion. Their wide handles also build strong forearms and killer grip.

Tools For Building A Garage Gym 3

Garage Gym Tool #4: Olympic Rings/Suspension Trainer

Olympic rings and suspension trainers may not look like much, but when done properly, they can dramatically increase the difficulty of standard bodyweight movements like pull-ups, dips and push-ups.

Because suspension trainers are not fixed like a pull-up bar, there is an incredible element of instability that is added to each movement. This forces every muscle in the body to contract in order to balance and stabilize the body as you perform each exercise.

Olympic rings are also cheap, hang easily, and can be taken anywhere. They also offer endless variety when it comes to exercise choices, so you really get a lot for what you pay for.

Garage Gym Tool 5: Clubbells

Clubbells are a great tool for building strong, healthy shoulders and are an extremely dynamic implement that should be in your garage gym.

In addition to providing a great shoulder stimulus, clubbells are fantastic for helping you maintain shoulder health. Club swings provide a gentle form of traction that takes pressure off the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Club movements also require you to move your shoulders through a full range of motion which is great for improving mobility and lubricating your joints.

Garage Gym Tool 6: Dumbbells

Though you wouldn’t think dumbbells would be in a list of equipment for an unconventional garage gym, they are actual a very dynamic tool that can allow you to move heavier weight in a lot of movements that the other implements can not.

The key is to avoid isolation exercises and lifts that require very little total musculature. Checkout our conventional workout programs and you will see that there are actually a lot of unconventional ways to use this very otherwise conventional tool.

Ready to start unconventional training? Become and Awake and Alive Member!

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