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Three Tips for A Healthier Day - Awake & Alive
Awake & Alive
3 Ways to Have a Healthier Day

Three Tips for A Healthier Day

We all have a basic understanding of how to stay healthy, fit and financially stable, yet rarely are we able to maintain the habits necessary to stay that way. Here are 3 simple tips for a healthier day.

Whether we are being distracted by fad diets, extreme workout programs, family obligations, or peer pressure, it is extremely easy to revert back to our former negative habits. Because of this, it is best to stay present and worry only about the day in front of you. Having attainable goals are great, but creating and executing elaborate plans over a long period of time can be hard to sustain.



To keep moving in the right direction, try adopting some of these daily habits:

#1 Start your day with a smoothie.

For most people, breakfast is probably the most unhealthy meal of the day. We have been programmed from early childhood to believe that a healthy breakfast should consist of “…fruit and cereal, juice, toast and milk!” Sound familiar? If you grew up in the 80’s then you likely know the old corn flaked cereal commercial I am referring to.

Instead of grabbing a bowl cereal, bagel, oat meal, toast or other refined carbohydrate, try starting your day with a smoothie consisting of a clean protein source, greens powder (or spinach), berries, coconut (MCT) oil, chia seeds and turmeric or maca powder. It’s quick, easy and you can drink it while you get ready, on your way to work, or put it in your bag for later. It will provide you with a pile of macro and micro nutrients, plus help you to eliminate the empty calories plaguing your efforts.

#2: Move your body daily.

Life is full of obligations, so 99% of us can’t get to the gym everyday. However, our bodies evolved to move and move A LOT. Most of us are dying a slow death by sitting and we rarely recognize this fact until it is to late. We lie in a bed all night; then sit in a car on the way to work; then sit at a desk all day; then sit and drive home; and then, when we get home we sit on the couch all night. As sad as it is, the average person probably gets most of their exercise walking to and from the fridge and bathroom.

Regardless of whether or not you have time to go to the gym, make it a priority to do something small for your body everyday. Two of the things we recommend on non-workout days include: 1) taking quick walks around every few hours, even if it is just around your office; and, 2) Sitting in the floor and working on mobility drills and flexibility instead of sprawling out on the couch. Sitting and lying on the floor will cause you to frequently change positions to remain comfortable, as well as force you to use some muscle to get up and down.

Though you may not get a full workout in everyday, these two simple habits can help keep your body in top shape, so when you do get to the gym you can really get the most out of it.

#3: Save a couple dollars every day.

Another thing we often disconnect from our health is our money, yet few things in our lives can create more physical and mental stress than poorly managed finances and mounting debt. Financial stress when ignored can lead to excessive food and alcohol consumption, divorce, hormonal issues, lost workout gains, sleep problems and other stress related health issues.

Even if you don’t have an extra dollar to your name, make a habit of checking your bank account at the same time everyday, express gratitude for what you have, and then save or pay off a couple dollars of debt (if you can). These small amounts will add up to large amounts over time and help keep you on the right path financially. It will also keep you apprised of your available resources so that you can avoid going into debt or making other poor choices that keep you moving in the opposite direction of wealth and a stress free financial life.

Remember life is a marathon, not a sprint; so focus on making small daily choices and tomorrow will fall into place.

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