The Bodyweight Workout You Must Try at Least Once

Bodyweight training has traditionally been seen as the foundation on which all other skills must be built, and the primary measure of fitness separating the elite, from the weak. Try this bodyweight workout and see how “fit” you truly are.

Bodyweight Workout Summary

Bodyweight workouts are often viewed as something only beginners do. Sure, there are limitations to how much weight you can move (your body weight), but lifting heavy is not the only way to challenge your body or measure how fit or strong you are.

Bodyweight training has traditionally been seen by many institutions, including most militaries, as the foundation on which all other skills must be built, and the primary tool for separating the elite, from those likely to be killed in action.



I have seen many athletes with huge “big lifts”, struggle to complete a single bodyweight pull-up, climb a rope, crawl for 50 meters or hold a plank for considerable time.

If you are ever going to master the art of unconventional training, you must first commit to building a solid foundation of strength based on the mastery of your own body. If you don’t, you are likely to injure yourself or struggle to build that Spartan like ability you seek to obtain.

Try the following bodyweight workout and see how “fit” you truly are.

Bodyweight Workout Instructions

Perform all exercises in order as one continuous circuit. Move through this circuit as quickly as possible, resting when needed between repetitions. One of the primary benefits of bodyweight workouts is that you don’t have to switch weights between exercises, so don’t feel rushed when switching between movements. Give yourself adequate recovery time so that you can be sure to complete each rep.

•25 Pull-ups
•50 Push-ups (hand position of your choice)
•50 Squat Jumps
•3 Minute Top Position Plank
•50 Reverse Lunges (25 each leg)
•25 Dips
•25 Inch Worms
•2 Minute Bear Squat

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Michael DiCroce

Michael DiCroce

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