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Top 3 Progressions for the Kettlebell Windmill

overhead press

     The Windmill is a great movement pattern that does wonders for shoulder, and thoracic mobility.  It also increases stability in the hips and helps produce rotational strength.  If you sit at a desk, spend loads of time in a car, or have poor posture the windmill is an exercise you need to be doing.  However, you may not have the prerequisites to do a full windmill yet.  Check out these progressions to get started.

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Steve Maxwell: Kettlebell Windmill Overhead Squat Complex

Kettlebell Windmill and Overhead Squat

The kettlebell windmill and overhead squat are highly complex movements that require flexibility, coordination and a solid core. The kettlebell windmill and overhead squat both improve hip mobility, back function and core strength. The windmill is also great for hamstring strength and flexibility. This video by Steve Maxwell demonstrates how to use the two together for an intense little circuit.

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