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Kettlebell Exercise: Kettlebell Carry Variations

Kettlebell Carry Variations

The Kettlebell Carry is a great exercise for building a strong upper body; as well as strong, powerful hands and forearms. The most common variation is the Farmer’s Carry, where you hold the bells down by your sides, but there are numerous variations you can do to change the muscles you want to focus on. Some Kettlebell Carry variations focus on shoulder strength, while others challenge your core and balance.  

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Kettlebell Exercise: How To Do The Kettlebell Bent Press

How to Do the Kettlebell Bent Press

The Kettlebell Bent Press is one of the most, if not thee most awesome looking Kettlebell exercises when performed properly with a massive Kettlebell. Not only that, the Kettlebell Bent Press is without a doubt one of the best Kettlebell exercises for building shoulder strength; as well as a strong stable core. The Kettlebell Bent Press is also incredible for opening up the thoracic spine helping to improve overall mobility.

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