3 Reasons to Do Bear Crawls Every Workout 2

3 Reasons To Do Bear Crawls Every Workout

Bear Crawling and other crawling exercises are quickly being recognized as one of the most valuable training tools for improving total body fitness. Check out these three reasons you should be doing Bear Crawls during each workout.

I just read an article that said bear crawling and other crawling exercises are the hottest fitness trend of right now. Really, what took so long?

Those of us in the unconventional fitness community and those in to movement culture have been doing these movements for years.



Either way, it is a great sign to see more people and athletes doing bear crawls and other crawling patterns, because they are an incredible way to keep your body strong, pain free and mobile.

So what’s changed? Well, simply put: people are tired of working out on machines and doing traditional cardio and weightlifting routines with very little to show for it.

Trainers and individuals are starting to realize that a functional, healthy body needs to move well, not just have the ability to lift large amounts of weight or be able to run for hours on end.

“What good is lifting heavyweight if you can’t get up and down off the floor, climb, sprint, or touch your toes?”

Here Are 3 Reasons to Bear Crawl Every Workout

Bear Crawls Build Strength

Bear Crawls are essentially a mobility, strength and core workout rolled into one exercise. Bear Crawls challenge every muscle in the body including the shoulders, chest, glutes and legs.

The core also gets an incredible workout as bear crawls require engagement of the core muscles throughout the entire movement.

Bear Crawls Increase Mobility

Bear Crawls work multiple joints through their full range of motion and challenge other lesser used joints and muscles to engage in order stabilize the body as it moves along the ground.

The hips, spine, wrists, shoulders, ankles and knees all get challenged during the movement and get a generous washing in synovial fluid, which is essential for keeping them healthy and pain free.

As we have mentioned before, crawling is a foundational movement pattern we learn as infants that requires total body coordination.

In addition to improving your overall ability for events like obstacle course racing, MMA, football, etc., Bear Crawls give your brain an intense workout as it attempts to maintain balance and keep all of those limbs moving at once.

3 Reasons To Do Bear Crawls Every Workout

Bear Crawls Improve Conditioning

If you’re tired of burpees, sprints and jumping rope, try doing timed Bear Crawl intervals. Because the Bear Crawl engages so much muscle, they automatically increase your heart rate. This is what makes Bear Crawls such an incredible conditioning exercise.

The constant muscle tension also builds incredible muscular endurance in muscles rarely used in that manner.

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Bear Crawl Workout Addition

Add the Bear Crawl to your workouts by doing 20 yard bear crawls between sets or by doing 10, 20 yard crawls as a full body finisher.

Bear Crawl Warm-up

Start your workout with 3 or 4 short Bear Crawls to warm-up the muscles and to lubricate all of the joints and tendons.

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