Part 1: An Introduction to the Animal Ability Method of Training

If you’re ready to rejoin the animal kingdom (at least in terms of physical ability), then it’s time to learn more about the Animal Ability Method of Training.

Humans are part of the animal kingdom, the only thing, possibly, separating us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to think abstractly & create. The human body still performs according to the reaction to certain hormones, environmental factors, social factors, food intake, etc. Figuring out a way to work with and not against these reactions is the best way to attain health and fitness.



Back in the dawn of time things were vastly different, people had to be active to survive and if they were successful thrive. People lived in tune with nature, many followed the migration of the large animals that populated this elder earth. Even those that lived in places where food was abundant had to compete with other animals to feed themselves and their clan. Tribal living was key to survival & cooperation was as it is today, a necessity. In primeval days it was a matter of life or death. Gathering plants was difficult and ofttimes dangerous work as was tracking, following & bringing down prey to bring back to feed the clan. Life was hard & there was little to no technology as is known today. Of course primitive people knew things that would dumbfound the smartest modern person, but then again today’s technology would be seen as magic.

Having said all that, there are many studies that say that for all their activity primal people actually had more down time on a regular basis than their modern counterparts. Stress was modulated through intense activity & immediate feedback, no deadlines or commitments which are the product of a more modern world. So what Animal Ability attempts to do is reconcile the primitive with the modern by using the best of each to achieve a (W)Holistic vigor & vitality.

(W)Holistic = Whole: All of, Entire Holistic: interconnecting part True Synergy!

The Animal Ability Method uses general & specific factors in an effort to achieve optimal health and fitness. Using Nature as a guideline an individual would attempt to simulate as much as possible a pre-agricultural lifestyle in a post agricultural society. Animal Ability is not about giving up modern conveniences, it is about stimulating the human form by creating scenarios that use exertion as a means to enhance the human experience.

Exertion is the stimulus that causes growth in an individual, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. It is a rare individual that makes strides to evolve as a person without some type of stress. Directing this stress towards a positive outcome is The Goal.

Hormesis – exposing the body to low levels of toxins or stress to build up a tolerance.
Seek out Hormetic Stress – Stress that allows for beneficial adaptations.

For more information read: Mark Sisson’s

It is the philosophy of Animal Ability that if your body is functioning optimally & in accordance with nature (no PEDs aka Performance Enhancing Drugs) then that will be one less distraction to a person’s personal evolution.

For our purposes this would include, but not be limited to becoming proficient in, mobility, flexibility, strength, power, agility, speed, explosiveness, endurance/stamina, diet, skill and the ability to adapt to a plethora of situations. Animal Ability also has the focus of preventing and minimizing injury potential and fully capitalizing on rest/sleep.

In other words being as healthy as can be!

With physical health, comes the potential (not a guarantee) for mental & spiritual health. Since dis-ease & other facets of poor health can become a major distraction Animal Ability focuses on minimizing any physical distractions.

Dis = apart, asunder, the reverse of Ease = absence of difficulty, well-being

Listing all the ever evolving facets of the (W)Holistic thoughts behind the Animal Ability Method would be next to impossible, since new information is constantly giving the impetus of change & growth to the Animal Ability Method. What is possible is giving an overview of the guiding principles behind the method.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Animal Ability series where we discuss Movement.

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