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How NOT to do the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up (Part 1) - Awake & Alive
Awake & Alive
How You Shouldn't Be Doing the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up.

How NOT to do the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up (Part 1)

The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up is an iconic movement, and a very technical one. Unfortunately, some people are doing them wrong without any clue as to what they’re doing wrong. Here are some key mistakes you need to avoid.

Don’t keep your arm locked or shoulder tucked… ever!

WRONG! Always keep your elbow and wrist locked and keep your shoulder joint retracted into the socket. This will keep the weight balanced and your shoulder safe from injury. The kettlebell will sway as you move through each movement and you don’t want to risk injury by jutting your arm out of its socket during the process.

Avoid looking at the kettlebell… It’s iron gaze will turn you to stone!

Keep your eye on the kettlebell! The stupid thing weighs between 8kg-48kg in most cases and you need to know where it’s at. Keep your eye on it when you can, especially during the step seen in the exercise. If it starts to fall, get out of the way!



Stick your leg out at a random angle to make the next step very difficult (and challenging!)

WRONG! There’s some debate on the exact angle your outside leg should be at during this step, but make sure that whichever version you choose has a purpose. This step involves balancing your body (and the kettlebell) on one foot and one heel. The angle of your leg will determine how easy or hard it is to balance.

Stick your heel up your butt… just because.

I just thought this was funny 🙂 How the heck is he going to get his leg back in the lunge position? I’m guessing that grimace on his face is because he has no idea how he’s going to stand up from this position.

Stretch those toes by putting your whole bodyweight on them.

Your foot should be flat on the ground at this point in the exercise. If you find yourself on your toes, you’ve done something wrong. Set down the kettlebell and start over.

Put maximum pressure on your knee… strengthen those ligaments!

This is probably the biggest mistake in this picture. He’s putting a bunch of stress on his knee with no safe way to get out of the position. If his foot was flat on the ground his knee would be above his ankle, allowing him to lift his hips off the ground and feed his outside leg under his body in the next step.

Want to do this exercise right? Watch our tutorials!

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