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Macebell Exercises: Spears, Gravediggers and Pendulums - Awake & Alive
Awake & Alive
3 Macebell Exercises to Master

Macebell Exercises: Spears, Gravediggers and Pendulums

Macebell exercises will do more for you than just make you strong, they’ll awaken the ancient warrior that lives within you. Here are three Macebell exercises to challenge your core, shoulders and inner spirit.

3 Macebell Exercises to Master

Macebell Exercise #1: Spears

Spears are an excellent macebell exercise that simulates the spearing motion that would have been used by the ancient Spartan and Roman warriors in battle. The spearing motion requires a strong stable base and fully engages the core. The ballistic nature of the motion will also challenge your cardio capacity.

Macebell Exercise #2: Gravediggers

Gravediggers, as the name implies, simulate a shoveling motion. Anyone who has shoveled rock all day knows that this motion is challenging for every muscle in the upper body; that is,  the shoulders, forearms, upper back, core, etc. Like the spear exercise, this macebell exercise also requires a strong stable base and will also provide your legs and lungs with a strong burn.



Macebell Exercise #3: Pendulum Swings

Pendulums are probably the most famous Macebell exercise of them all. Just open social media and search Macebell Swings and you will see thousands of videos of unconventional athletes swinging the macebell, and for good reason. The Pendulum Swing builds shoulder strength while also opening up the shoulder, elbows and wrists for greater mobility. The Macebell Exercise is also incredibly hard on the forearms and grip; especially at the top of the movement.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the owner of Asylum Fitness in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a Movement and Strength Coach that uses unconventional tools and methods to make his students a little better with each practice. His main focus is movement, he believes, “We were born to move. Reclaim your birthright.” He encourages his students and all those he meets to just play, similarly to when you were a kid, believing that play is the foundation of movement and movement is life. “By learning to move better and improving our mobility, everything falls into place.” he says. Mark is an Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast, is well versed in corrective exercises, and currently holds a level 1 FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and is a MovNat level 2 certified trainer and is always seeking to learn from the best. He also has a background in track and field, martial arts, ballroom dance, and currently is practicing parkour.

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