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Kettlebells: The Perfect Tool for Rehab and Performance - Awake & Alive
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kettlebells for rehab and performance

Kettlebells: The Perfect Tool for Rehab and Performance

Kettlebells are more than just a tool for building strength and endurance. When used properly they can also be an incredible tool for rehabilitation and performance.

Kettlebells for rehab 1

Kettlebells as a Rehab Tool

Physical therapy, rehabilitation and corrective exercise have become painfully mundane and unexciting to both patients and practitioners. Even worse, the old school models of rehab have been producing inefficient, lack luster results for far too long while leaving people more susceptible to future injuries.



Corrective exercise and rehab needs to involve more than just tube bands, balance discs and photocopied pages from a generic textbook; it needs to seduce and empower the athlete. As coaches and therapists, we must be teaching foundational skills that will last a lifetime.

In the common rehab setting, kettlebells are worth their weight in gold both physically and fiscally.

When attempting to load the client or patient, kettlebells are one of the few forms of solid steel that don’t require accessory equipment for a plethora of loaded movement variation availability (i.e., clips, bars, plates, racks, pulleys). Kettlebells also pair up easily with many other types of equipment.

Limiting variables for risk of injury is paramount, like getting more by paying less. In a physical sense, Kettlebells offer a smooth contoured surface of steel that is inviting, comfortable and clean for a solid grip or keeping close to the body.

Lastly, when creatively applied, kettelbells can provide points of contact for load application or reinforcement that can allow for greater motor recruitment, activation and coordination for a safe, efficient and productive rehab experience like no other.

Kettlebell training methodology can be applied to corrective exercise, rehabilitation, training programs and life in general. Always keep in mind that MOVEment is Medicine, and you should live that saying every single day.

 “Consistency trumps Intensity.” – Gary Cook

kettlebells for rehab 2

When we minimize the risk of an injury while increasing the reward of an exercise, or tool, with an emphasis on appreciation and consistency, our patient or client will inevitably be set up for long term success.

Kettlebell training systems provide tangibility of change and improvement of movement patterns for clients or patients across all demographics.

The intention and inspiration of this article is to show people that kettlebells canbe utilized safely for rehabilitation and corrective exercises; moreover, I urge people to explore new tools, movements, and appreciate the process of learning. It’s amazing how much overall movement competencies and strength will improve.

Remember, the quality of the movement is far more important than the quantity of repetitions or the amount of weight used. A focus on longevity and athletic achievement with safety awareness should always guide program implementation.

To put it simply, don’t be closed minded; Kettlebell training is not only for corrective exercise and rehabilitation, but for a long life full of health and wellness. Enjoy your exploration into the new wave of training, rehabilitation and movement.


This article was c0-written by Dr. James Spencer and Dr. Mike Lewen.

About Dr. Mike Lewen:

Dr. Mike is the Creator and Founder of The Space Trainer. He is formerly trained as a Chiropractor and Strength Coach. He most importantly is a human experience enthusiast and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.  You can find Dr. Mike on Facebook, Instagram and at http://www.TheSpaceTrainer.com/

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Dr. James Spencer

Dr. James Spencer

James Spencer, DC, ATC, FIAMA Based in South Florida, Dr. James Spencer is a Sports Performance Chiropractor, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He has formal training in Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling, SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape, RockTape Fascial Movement Taping, Postural Restoration Institute, Y-Balance Test, FMS, SFMA, Mike Boyle’s Certified Functional Strength Coach and the Onnit Academy of Unconventional Training. drjamesspencer.com

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