Best Kettlebell Exercises for Men

The 5 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Men

When it came to selecting the best Kettlebell exercises for men there was a lot to consider: strength, testosterone increase, endurance, etc. Though there are many options, here are the four kettlebell exercises we feel every man should do regularly.

It is always difficult to narrow any list of any kind down to just five. Furthermore, what is best for some might not be as good for others, but nevertheless I have thought for a while about what are the 5 best kettlebell exercises for men and came up with the following list.

Here are our 5 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Men

#1: The Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing



I will start with the obvious choice. Without the kettlebell swing mastered it is difficult to do much else with the kettlebell. You need to learn to move the weight with your hips and this will translate to other exercises. Beyond the technical aspects the kettlebell swings, emphasize the glutes and hamstrings to drive the kettlebell into a swing through a ballistic hip hinge pattern.

It is vital to your longevity as a male or anyone for that matter that you keep a healthy hip hinge. Also, exercises that hit the muscles in the legs and glutes such as a kettlebell swing increase the body’s testosterone levels.

Guys that is a good thing, trust me! No girl ever looked a middle aged man with a flat ass whose pants were hanging on by a wish and said, “I want that!” So do your kettlebell swings and don’t get a flat old dude ass.

Click here for the Kettlebell Swing tutorial

#2: The Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Turkish Getup

Another one of the best Kettlebell exercises for men is the Turkish Getup. The benefits of this single exercise are astounding. The Turkish Getup is truly one of the best exercises ever. It builds strength, mobility, stability; flexibility and ability (see what I did there?). I like to suggest that you do this exercise once a week or at the very least a few times a month.

The Turkish Getup is a great way to go through several movement patterns under load in a short amount of time. I like to think of it as a nice little tune up for the body. For vitality and youthfulness the TGU is hands down one of the five best kettlebell exercises for men.

#3: The Bent Press

Kettlebell Bent Press

I like the bent press for a couple reasons, one is the rotation that it gets you into, we are way to sagital (front of the body) minded as a fitness culture so anything that gets us to bend and twist is a plus. Secondly, the bent press pays homage to the old time strongmen. It was long considered a test of strength and one of the best ways to get really heavy weight overhead.

Certainly paying tribute to the strongmen of old is a manly part of any day! Lastly the bent press is highly beneficial to overall shoulder health.

Click here for the Bent Press tutorial

#4: Bottoms Up Press

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press

The bottoms up press is amazing for building crush grip strength and for shoulder health. Holding the kettlebell upside down isn’t just for show it is working the hands and shoulder in a very unique way. If you want strong healthy long lasting shoulders, this is the exercise you cannot afford to skip.

Also working on grip strength means no more “Nancy Hands” and when your special lady asks you to open the pickle jar you deliver like a total savage!

Click here for the Bottoms Up Press tutorial

#5: Unilateral Carries

Kettlebell Unilateral Carry Variations

It is too tough to pick just one variation of unilateral or one handed carries. Whether you are doing as suitcase carry, a racked carry, or a waitress carry you are benefitting tremendously. I want you to be strong, but I want you to be useful with your strength. Being able to carry objects in many different positions is incredibly functional. Also unilateral strength is greater than the sum of bilateral.

Meaning your max effort of one side is a higher number than the weight of two sides divided by two (ex: You can most likely single leg dead lift 300 lbs with some time and some work, but most likely could not do 600lbs). The point is unilateral strength development is very important and translates to real, functional, useful ability.

Unilateral carries are without a doubt one of the five best kettlebell exercises for men and can offer so much variety to your program. Carries get the job done, so do them!

There it is, my top five best kettlebell exercises for men. Work these into your program and see how strong and manly you feel after a few short workouts.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

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