Featured Trainer Will Chung

Featured Trainer: Who Is Will Chung?

We polled our readers to see who the best unconventional trainer in the world was. After 95,000+ votes, Will Chung came out victorious. meet the winner.

Who is Will Chung?

Meet The Coach Behind the Coaches

Born in New Jersey, Will Chung has spent his life immersed in the martial arts and physical movment culture. As a third-generation martial artist, descended from Hwang Kee (the founder of Moo Duk Kwan – who influenced martial arts legends Pat Johnson and Chuck Norris), Will found his way into training out of necessity.

As a small-framed teen training with grown men, Will’s uncle (a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame) encouraged him to develop more muscle. That was all the permission Will needed.



“True coaching, true parenting, true friendship is all behind the scenes… it’s the shoulder to cry on, the money, the love, the time, the sacrifice; all the incalculable and immeasurable moments in life.” ~ Will Chung

Due to his youth and size, Will was never perceived as a threat by those who mentored him. They poured their wisdom into Will’s empty cup, and taught him the difference between knowledge and experience.

As time passed, Will “Forrest Gump-ed” his way to the best teachers in both the strength training and martial arts realms. Now with over 25 years of experience as the “Coach Behind The Coach,” Will Chung is revolutionizing the fitness industry with his own Triple Chain Theory (TCT) and Chung Fu.


What is the Triple Chain Theory?

TCT was born out of a search for a holistic training approach that would help him avoid the chronic injuries that plagued his elders and mentors.

The three principles of TCT – Gravity, Peristalsis, and Connection – have helped Will guide Olympic athletes, professional MMA fighters, strength & con-ditioning coaches, and ordinary people to achieve better performance, stronger relationships, and happier lives.

Will Chung has never forgotten the lessons of his mentors, and at the heart of his success is a profound desire to cultivate deep, rich, long-lasting friendships with his clients. Through honest, open communication, Will peels back the layers and helps his clients to understand their priorities and goals.

He is known as the kind of coach who is unwavering in his loyalty, and willing to have the difficult conversations that create the best results for his clients.

“Successful coaching requires communication, consistency, and courage for constructive criticism, combined with doing the motherhumping work!” ~ Will Chung

For those who are truly willing, he will openly give all that he can to unconventionally teach you to express “The Art of You.”

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