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Crawling Exercises - The Hottest Trend In Fitness? - Awake & Alive
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Crawling Exercises- 2017 Trends

Crawling Exercises – The Hottest Trend In Fitness?

Crawling exercises are one of the fastest growing fitness trends going into 2017 and are one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health and fitness. Here’s why and how to start doing them.

Recently I read a couple articles stating that crawling exercises are the fastest growing fitness trend for 2017. I must admit I had quite the guffaw at first glance of these articles, written in a skeptical/condescending tone.



It reminded me of when I would introduce crawling exercise to new clients 8 years ago in a Gold’s Gym. The gym goers doing their “workout” would look at me and my willing clients like deer in headlights, utterly confused and bewildered.

This didn’t bother me; I embrace the weird and moreover I knew that crawling was a great exercise with massive benefits even back then.

Though I have evolved my training over the years, crawling exercises remain one of the principle foundations of my coaching. You will crawl in some way nearly every time you step foot in my studio.

Crawling has many benefits and I always reiterate to clients that you, “crawled before you walked” and your nervous system flourishes when you practice various crawls.

The vestibular system, gross motor development, coordination, balance and nearly every muscle in your body gets worked when using crawling exercises regularly.

I can see why many pundits are calling it the hottest trend or seeing it as a trend, but for many of us crawling has been the foundation to physical success and health for years.

To me a trend is something that catches a flash of popularity then fades when the masses abandon it to adopt the next “new” fad.

In the case of crawling exercise as a fad, smart coaches in the both the conventional and unconventional will continue to use them to better their client’s overall athleticism long after they are no longer cool.

Starting to implement crawling exercise into your program is as easy as getting down and the floor on your hands and knees and moving. Though if you are looking for a place to start, here are five of my favorite variations:

#1: Inch Worm

The Inch Worm is a great exercise for the core and shoulders.

#2: Quadrapedel Gallop

The Quadrapedel Gallop really burns up the quads and shoulders, but also is highly beneficial for the wrists, ankles and hips.

#3: Lion Crawl

The Lion Crawl is pretty basic, but always delivers results. Try changing the speed and experimenting with slow and fast crawling in this position.

#4: Amoeba Crawl

The Amoeba Crawl is a lateral move that engages a lot of hip rotation and really hits the chest and shoulders.

#5: Lizard Crawl

The Lizard Crawl is my favorite movement as it hits just about everything and requires some commitment and dedication to master.

Click here to see more crawling exercise variations

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the owner of Asylum Fitness in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a Movement and Strength Coach that uses unconventional tools and methods to make his students a little better with each practice. His main focus is movement, he believes, “We were born to move. Reclaim your birthright.” He encourages his students and all those he meets to just play, similarly to when you were a kid, believing that play is the foundation of movement and movement is life. “By learning to move better and improving our mobility, everything falls into place.” he says. Mark is an Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast, is well versed in corrective exercises, and currently holds a level 1 FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and is a MovNat level 2 certified trainer and is always seeking to learn from the best. He also has a background in track and field, martial arts, ballroom dance, and currently is practicing parkour.

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