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To Find Your Passion, You Have to Look Inward. If You Look Outward. All You’ll See is What Other People are Doing. You’re Not Other People.” - Laird Hamilton.

No matter where you are in life, you’ve probably realized that nothing stays constant for long. Just when you get used to your day-to-day schedule, something drastic changes. You battle to enforce rules and structure on an ever-changing series of events; like building a sandcastle too close to the ocean. The fact of the matter is that nothing is constant and very few things are controllable for long. Does that make life impossible? Does that make it miserable? Of course not! To survive we must change and flow like water and be willing to grow and adapt as the world around us changes. If we resist and fight, we will find ourselves in a weaker position. If we are willing to change the way we think, train and live, the possibilities will be endless.

  • Challenge

    Yourself to Grow

  • Training

    To Expand Your Potential

  • Adventure

    Apply Your Fitness to Your Activities

  • Mindset

    Drives Development

How everything started.

How everything started.

Awake & Alive is dedicated to helping people form lifelong habits that will allow them too live and adapt to every situation that life presents.

“From physical health and elite fitness to career growth to family life, there is always a way to approach each situation in a way that will always move you forward.”

We invite you to join our community of thousands of people just like you, who have dedicated themselves to discovering what it means to be fully Awake and Alive.


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Men dedicated to living life, rather than simply enduring it.