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The Best Trap Workout For Building A Thick Neck

Traps are the new abs in the fitness industry. Use the Tyler Perez “Best Trap Workout” program and your neck will be thick in no time.

What is the best trap workout and why should we dedicate time to these often forgotten muscles?

Not only is it really awesome to look like you’re walking around town with a neck-roll sticking out of your shirt, the traps are essential to stability in the neck.



Granted we talk about how much we lift to get those bad boys growing, but what are the perks to having them?

Well, if you’re a full contact sport person like myself then having big traps and getting in the best trap workout possible (leading to a big neck) helps in your sport and helps prevent injuries to your neck and shoulders.

For example: in rugby the neck and traps are important for safeguarding the neck. This is especially true when you find your neck caught in a awkward position when tackling the opponent, engaged in a scrum,  or getting thrown onto the ground.


This also applies to combative sports such as MMA, wrestling, jiu jitsu, sambo, judo, etc. Believe it or not, you will find your body caught in a position where it’s applying a lot of pressure to your neck and could lead to a painful experience. Powerful traps can even protect the neck in a rear ending car accident situation.

When thinking of all the things that could happen to your neck alone I’d take a dislocation to any body part over a broken neck or slipped disc any day of the week.

This was why I developed what I call, “the best trap workout.” I train my traps at least 2x a week going heavy and hitting high repetitions. My thought process is to give the opponent something difficult to grab onto and something that could absorb a lot of impact from the hits I take during a game or tournament.

For the average guy, this type of training will fill-out the work shirt and protect them from avoidable injuries and pain.

Talking about the benefits of doing my “best trap workout” wouldn’t be complete without talking about the obvious, “traps make you look BADASS!”

But to look like a bad ass, you have to train like a bad ass and that means getting your back your traps as strong as possible. This will make them visible to everyone else and make you look rugged and a strong SOB on top of it.

Take Bane from the Dark Knight rises for example: His mask made him look scary, but his traps are what everyone was really afraid of.

Now I’m a firm believer in lifting heavy for low reps, but being in a explosive impact sport we not only want to thicken the upper body but also strengthen the heck out of it too. The best trap workout program I outline below attempts to achieve both of those goals.

The Best Trap Workout 2

The Best Trap Workout

Best Trap Workout Day 1:

  • Barbell Clean 5×5
  • Elevated lateral raises 5×8 (Keeping both arms up in the air, lower one arm down, raise it up, then lower the other)
  • Tire flips 5×6-8
  • Heavy farmers walks 5×25-30 yards then back.
  • DB Shrugs 1×100

Best Trap Workout Day 2:

  • DB Snatch 5×6
  • DB Military Press 5×8-10 (3 sec neg doing down on every rep)
  • Pull ups 5×8-10
  • KB High pull 4×12-15

There are many variations of these exercises you can mix into the best trap workout to build those bad boys up and keep things exciting. Trap exercises like the Trap bar deadlift, barbell shrugs, deadlifts, Sled drags and rows are all great choices.

Again, doing the best trap workout program or any trap training for that matter needs to be designed with a focus on developing those muscles for the sake of preventing injuries to the neck and shoulders.

Sure, it is great to look like a bad ass and stretch the neck of a tee shirt, but the goal of training should always be focused on function, not aesthetics.

Have fun with this, get freaky, get fitted for those new shirts, because your neck is going to get massive and veiny. Enjoy the gains!

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Tyler Perez

Tyler Perez

For 2 years Tyler played International Rugby for the Philippine National Team earning 4 test caps as a flanker. Following retirement, he geared his fitness focus towards functional training, in order to maintain the strength and conditioning levels required by an elite athlete. Tyler holds fitness certifications through the Onnit Academy, NASM as a MMA Conditioning specialist, and NESTA as Muay Thai Fitness Instructor. Tyler’s Primary Training focus is to help coach trainers improve their skills, changing the world one client at a time. Follow Typer Perez on Facebook

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