Benefits of Club Training

Club Training: Unlock the Benefits of This Ancient Tool

Early man discovered swinging a tree branch was useful for war and survival. Modern man still recognizes this and has evolved this knowledge into what is now modern club training. Discover how to build shoulder strength and overall athleticism with this ancient tool.

“If we train and train with diligence, aren’t we serious athletes?” – Don Giafardino

What Is Club Training?

Early man discovered the power of swinging a tree branch was useful for chores, for food, and for war. One of the earliest weapons is the club, the only earlier weapon would be a stone.

The club was useful, it protected, it equalized, and it killed. As time moved forward, the club took many forms, but one thing remained constant; and that was the people that practiced with these clubs not only became skilled warriors, but grew stronger than those who didn’t.



Fast forward to today. There are all kinds of machines, gadgets, and ways to train, yet training with clubs has survived from earlier than the ancient Persians. Why did this simple, yet effective tool find it’s way into the modern gym? Because it works.

Club training can be used as stand alone training for health and fitness or can be adapted to supplement any workout regardless of modality. The mere fact of developing bilateral coordination should be enough for any serious athlete to consider club training.

What sets club training apart from other exercise is that they work in 6 directions: front to back, side to side, up and down. Because of this, club training moves the joints, tendons, and muscle to their fullest.

Club training increases the range of motion, providing a push/pull effect that can be used in both directions, and offering a slight traction effect allowing fresh blood and nutrients into compressed joints.

What club training translates to is an athlete that is more mobile with the ability to recuperate from heavy training quickly.


How To Start Club Training

When beginning club training keep in mind that a 25 pound club is considered heavy. It may not feel or seem heavy, but at arm’s length it develops over 700 pounds of torque. To put that into perspective most car engines don’t produce that much torque.

When starting club training remember to keep the body tall, heart up, neutral spine, and slightly bent knees.

This will absorb the load generated by the club. Learn to master the basic movements first, such as the front swing, side swing, and shield cast. The first two are basic moves to either perform alone or as a set up for other exercises.

The shield cast is a shoulder mobility exercise that will help heal and strengthen rotator-cuff muscles, help reduce sore shoulders, but most importantly it will bullet proof this highly injured area of the body.

This is only a small sampling of the exercises that can be performed by doing club training. There are many videos on YouTube showing individual exercises and combinations of exercises formed into flows or katas. Either way, club training can add great benefits to your overall fitness program.

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Don Giafardino

Don Giafardino

Don is the inventor of the Adex Adjustable Exercise Club, an unconventional training tool that originally aided in the strengthening and rehabilitation of his own shoulder, which allows any working person the luxury of owning a set of exercise clubs at a modest

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