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Top 3 Progressions for the Kettlebell Windmill

overhead press

     The Windmill is a great movement pattern that does wonders for shoulder, and thoracic mobility.  It also increases stability in the hips and helps produce rotational strength.  If you sit at a desk, spend loads of time in a car, or have poor posture the windmill is an exercise you need to be doing.  However, you may not have the prerequisites to do a full windmill yet.  Check out these progressions to get started.

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Episode 27 | Kirsten Tulloch

Episode 27 - Kirsten Tulloch

In this episode we talk to Kirsten “Little Tank” Tulloch from the Shetland Islands about unconventional training, kettlebells, macebells and more. We also talk about how her approach to training has evolved from her early years in bodybuilding and figure competitions.

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Episode 26 | Jedd Johnson

Jedd Johnson - Diesel Crew

In this episode we talk to Jedd Johnson from about grip training and the importance of having strong, powerful hands. Jedd is a master of unconventional strength and during the show he discusses some of the tools he feels you need to add to your training. We also talk about the value of hard work and how it is a dying skill.

Learn more about Jedd Johnson at

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Overcoming Fear – Motivational Video

Fear Motivational Videos

Fear can be the most crippling thing in the world. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, even fear of success can destroy your goals and path to success. It is important to remember that fear is a creation of your mind and you have the choice to use it to your advantage or let it ruin you. Watch this motivational video, let go of your fears, and then go after your destiny.

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Episode 25 | Elle Russ

Episode 25 - Elle Russ Primal Blueprint

In this episode we talk to Elle Russ, host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast and author of the Paleo Thyroid Solution. During the show we talk about her struggles with thyroid issues and how eating a high fat diet helped fix her thyroid issues and got her off her medication. We also discuss why you should cut back on carbohydrates, stop overtraining and how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Learn more about Elle Russ on her website: and Get Elle’s book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution here: The Paleo Thyroid Solution

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