9 Reasons Why Bodyweight Training Could Be The Best Option For You

9 Reasons Why Bodyweight Training Could Be The Best Option For You

It turns out that you may not need any equipment at all to get in the best shape of your life. Bodyweight training could be the key to full body fitness that you’ve been looking for.

The gym is full of tools and implements that have been proven to build strength and muscle, but are those tools the best for you? Often times the fancy tools in the gym are both unnecessary and unsuitable for the average weekend warrior who just wants to look good naked and be able to play with the kids without pulling something.



That said, I have put together a list of reasons why you should consider adding more bodyweight training and skip the pretty gadgets next time you workout.

Bodyweight Training is the Foundation of Fitness

Here are nine reasons to do more bodyweight training:

1. It’s free.

Anytime, anywhere you can do a killer workout without forking out serious money for gym membership or equipment.

2. It’s healthier for your joints and lowers the risk of injury.

Yes, you can get hurt doing bodyweight training, but the odds are much lower than when you are doing heavy overhead Olympic lifts.

3. Functionality.

It can be more functional, as you can move your body through its natural range of motion and in ways that are impossible using machines or barbells.

4. It builds muscle.

It won’t make you look like Arnold, but just look at the average male gymnasts physique or Google “calisthenics” to see the results that can be produced by just your bodyweight.

5. Speed.

It’s quicker than weight training, as you can mix your cardio with your strength training creating a fully comprehensive workout in less time. Plus, no time is wasted changing weights or machines.

6. Balance & Skill.

It will improve your balance, coordination and skill set. With bodyweight training you can learn skills that you can not perform with traditional weights. Also, as you advance you can try increasingly challenging skills like handstands and other difficult skills that can improve your abilities as an athlete and strength across the board.

7. It is excellent for weight loss.

Plyometric exercises work your cardiovascular system promoting explosiveness whilst burning calories at an increased rate. This is a lot more effective than the treadmill and a heck of a lot more fun.

8. It allows for a cheaper and healthier diet.

Bodyweight training is not about trying to get BIG like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. As a result, the need for colon destroying amounts of protein and expensive supplements are reduced. Though not eliminated.

9. It’s sustainable.

You can keep doing bodyweight training into your twilight years. When the bodybuilders, power lifters and strong men are forced into retirement by injury and diet related health issues, you can still be cranking out the reps and sporting an impressive physique.

Obviously this is just a few of the reasons why bodyweight training may be better for the average joe. I encourage you to do more research on these and other benefits of bodyweight training and see if you can incorporate more of it into your training.

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