5 Benefits of Rolfing

4 Benefits of Rolfing Every Athlete Should Experience

Like massage, rolfing can be an incredible tool for aiding the recovery process from intense workouts and relieving pain from overuse injuries. Here are 4 benefits of rolfing you should be enjoying.

4 Benefits of Rolfing Every Athlete Should Experience

1: Pain Relief

Unfortunately, we all experience pain of some sort over the course of our lives. Rolfing is manual therapy which addresses the whole person using the hands as the primary to manipulate the muscles and tissues.

The nervous system is the big player keeping us safe, nourished, stimulated and much much more. By mobilizing tissue, much like massage, and providing novel stimulus, the nervous system is influenced and the body enjoys the primary benefit of rolfing, which essentially assists the body in it’s own healing process.



#2: Improved Joint Movement

When pain or discomfort is present, whether from working out or from everyday activity, we consciously or subconsciously limit our movement to compensate or alleviate the pain. That is acceptable in the short term, but over time it can become problematic cause lasting joint immobility problems.

By reinvigorating the body through rolfing, the body can restore natural movement and help the body to recover quicker, and as we know, motion is lotion. Posture is naturally more comfortable, there is an increase in energy, and we become generally more resilient and adaptable.

5 Benefits of Rolfing Everyone Should Experience

#3: Mental Release

Life, training, and responsibility can catch up with us if not balanced and lead to pain, trauma, challenge, and overtraining. Exploring the mind and body connection through Rolfing can provide your body and mind with the rest and relaxation it needs to recover and heal.

With touch and awareness, or staying in the moment, we are better able to give our bodies a reset, relax, and balance out the damage done by training too hard, working too many hours, or partying too much.

#4: Reduce Stress

Similar to #3, life can have stretches of high stress and at times those stretches can be longer and more intense than we prefer.

Many years of studies have shown that like massage, rolfing can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure and help us sleep better, which in turn, can help improve immune function so that we can optimize our health and training. With better sleep, we also get the added bonus of our bodies repairing more efficiently.

These are just four of the many benefits of rolfing and the primary reason you should consider adding rolfing to your training and recovery protocols. Too much training and stress can lead to persistent pain, which means that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Though rolfing was designed as a 10-series therapy to address the entire body, anyone can experience the many benefits of rolfing in just a few short sessions.

Training and life can create imbalances and pain deep within our bodies can cause our brains to literally learn to create pain loops in order to deal with the pain.  If not addressed this can become permanent, so to unlearn we need to provide novel stimulus and mobilize our joints and soft tissue, which is where rolfing can be extra beneficial for athletes and the average person to keep their body and mind pain free.

For more information, go to evergreenrolfing.com or to find a practitioner in your area go to rolf.org or theiasi.net.

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Anna Timmons

Anna Timmons

Anna is a Certified Rolfer™, Board Certified Structural Integrator(CM) and a graduate of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. When not Rolfing or cycling, she is usually spending time hiking, stand-up paddling, cross-country skiing, playing pond hockey, working out or trying anything that challenges her or gets her moving. Anna is the owner of Evergreen Rolfing. evergreenrolfing.com

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