3 Bodyweight Workout Challenges

3 Bodyweight Workout Challenges to Test Your Fitness Level

Personal Records and 1 Rep Maxes are fine for measuring strength in specific movements, but they are not the best gauge of overall fitness. Here are three bodyweight workout challenges to help you gauge how fit you truly are.

“Every challenge, every adversity, contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.”― Roy Bennett

Tackling challenge is born and bred in every single one of us. You will notice throughout history it is with challenge that real accomplishments are made

You always hear about the underdog coming from behind, accepting the challenge that is laid out before him, overcoming hiccups and achieving great success. It’s through facing challenge that we become alive and we become the person we want to be.



No one ever remembers the person that sits back and lets the world around him just carry on. They remember the ones that tried hard things and tackled tough competitive challenges.

It is easy to see how the concept of facing challenges can effect our careers, but how does this work with our physical fitness? The same thing applies actually. One of the main reasons people quit doing physical fitness isn’t actually because they don’t know how to do something; it’s because they don’t have goals or don’t want to tackle the challenge.

The biggest excuse for not working out is “TIME” and it’s hard. But if you notice we all have the same amount of time in a day; we are all busy, and never  have enough time. But if you want something bad enough, you will make time.

Challenge Yourself Through Bodyweight Workouts

In order to stay motivated, try creating challenges that you can set and get better at as a way to gauge your physical fitness and how your accomplishments are going. Challenges aren’t meant for an every day workout. They are meant to push you, make you sweat, make you have to work hard to get through them and are designed to give you something you can measure yourself against.

Power lifters have this, it’s called a PR (Personal Record), or a 1 Rep Max. But if you are just loading a little more each time then this really isn’t a challenge as well. It’s great for strength building, but if you are PR’ing every workout, then when do you know where your real accomplishments are being made?

So to help with this, one of the best ways is with Bodyweight workout challenges. Bodyweight exercises are some of the best ways to get strong, burn fat and build muscle in a safe way. Especially if you are working out by yourself; bodyweight is the best way to go. But it’s also a great way to really challenge yourself with exercises and see how your strength and conditioning has grown.

3 Bodyweight Workout Challenges

Here are a few bodyweight workout challenges that you can use to test your fitness level

The basic and/or advanced series are meant to be done every 3 months. Keep track of your numbers to see how they improve. The ULTIMATE is an all around once a year challenge to really push yourself to the limit. Still keep track, and try and improve upon your time.

HOW TO: Complete all reps for a single exercise before moving onto the next exercised specified. Take as many breaks as you need, as this is a Timed Challenge. Try and complete all reps as quickly as possible, while maintaining proper form. The amount of reps per exercise are explained below.

Basic Bodyweight Workout Challenge

Complete 50 Reps of each exercise

– Squats


– Knee Grab Sit-ups

– Tricep Push-ups

– Squat Thurster/Up-Downs

Advanced Bodyweight Workout Challenge

Complete 50 Reps of each exercise

– Burpess

Squat Jumps


– V Sit-ups

– Deck Squats

Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Challenge (the, “Fortune 500”)

Complete 100 Reps of each exercise

– Burpees


– Jump Squats

– V-Sit-ups


As you can see these will challenge your body and give you a solid goal to hit. What are some of your favorite ways to challenge your body? What helps you drive to the next level?

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